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Sardinia holiday activities

December 16, 2020, 0 comments

Planning to spend your next holidays in Sardinia, Italy? Congratulations for the choice! Everyone knows that Sardinia island a is a natural paradise, one of the most wonderful places to spend your beach holidays in Mediterranean area, but not so much knows how many activities is possible to experience during your vacation there…
Find below a short list of activities to have fun in Sardinia:

The unique net work of winding routes of empty country roads is enjoyable for a keen biker. The climate of Sardinia is ideal for bike tours especially in spring and autumn. The coastal flatland is good for beginners and for easy going but the hilly areas of the island need endurance and high levels of fitness from the part of the bikers.

Hiking or walking
To discover the beauty of the island hiking is best suited with a wide range of hiking possibilities. Marked routes are there and there are many guided excursions. The Supramonte massif is one of the most beautiful hiking areas and this area remains as one of the desolate and rocky areas in Europe. There are narrow gorges, imposing chalk rocks, wide plateaus and hidden canyons in a continuous stretch of natural beauty. The green peaked Gennargentu Mountain is a lot more apprehensive when compared to the Supramonte's supremacy. Hilly Barbegia's mixed foliage forests are just like the sub alpine mountain range of Germany except for the hordes of tourists. The view of the surrounding coastline from the pinnacle of the Punta La Marmora which is the highest peak of the Gennargentu and of the Sardinia is breathtaking. One of the deepest canyons, Gola di Gorrpou is in the Gennargentu. Marmilla table-top Mountain also offers some good walking which is suitable for children. There are numerous animals in flat-as-a-pancake plateau is ideal for family walks with its natural beauty. There are picnic spots and well marked tracks in Monte Sette Fratelli Nature Park in the middle of the region and is one of the last homes of the Sardinian deer. It is well worth to explore the coastal areas.

Sailing in Sardinia provides an extraordinary sailing experience with hundreds of secluded coves, beaches and rock formations. No stretch in Sardinia is same as the next from dunes of the Costa Verde to the deep emerald coves and dramatic cliffs of Cala Gonone.

The island is paradise of windsurfers and the north of Sardinia is best known for windsurfing but south of Sardinia can also offer good wind and wave conditions. One of the best windsurfing areas in Europe is Porto Pollo in Sardinia.

Divers are attracted by caves, shipwrecks, rich waters and some of opportunities in the north of the island. Divers can discover underwater web of caves and tunnels with stalactites and corals in the North West near Capo Caccia. The diving expeditions to La Maddalena National Park are for beginners and snorkellers because the water in this area is only 10 meters deep and is clear with seaweed covered sandy sea bed and reefs.

One of the most important golf courses in Sardinia is the Pevero near Olbia and is famous with both locals and the tourists. The Golf courses are of good quality along with fantastic scenery.

Paragliding and free climbing
These are the two extreme sports popular in the island and the best spots are Barbagie and Ogliastra. There are other places which also offer decent challenges such as Gallura, Marghine-Planargia, Montiferru, Nuorese, Sarrabus and Sulcis-lglesiente.

Horse riding
There are rides for children as well as adults. The horse rides go through beautiful mountain scenery and beaches.

This wonderful place is perfect to immerse yourself in a new dimension, putting aside all your troubles, your stress, and your everyday headache…
Enjoy Sardinia!


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