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How To Look For Great Deal Of Pattaya Hotel Booking

December 16, 2020, 0 comments

For many people who have ever been to Thailand. It is quite normal that they have to visit Pattaya, the famous city in eastern region. It has great reputation for its beach and nightlife attraction. Of course when you go travel place which has great reputation, there will be a lot of hotel accommodation to choose and Pattaya is not exception. You may choose from very cheap guest house to luxurious five stars hotels.

However, one question has been raised that is about how to get the best price or the best deal of accommodation. According to the fact that when you think about booking hotel, I believe that almost everyone may think about booking online. Booking hotel online is the most convenient way that can be found in present day. However, there is a very strong competitive situation in this market so you should be careful on selecting hotel accommodation as well as the website agent for travel and accommodation booking.

Pattaya may not much different than any other city in the world, being the city of tourist so it is quite normal to have large number of hotel accommodation. Therefore, it is quite necessary to find to way to get the best deal for your hotel accommodation.

According to the fact that many people love to find booking for hotel accommodation from the internet. As in Thailand, from my own experience, it is quite normal that travel agency usually offer a little bit lower price than what are offered on the internet. Particularly for hotel booking site that has global networks. However, it is still necessary to find the reliable travel agent or hotel booking agent that can give you a trustful service.

As mentioned in the first paragraph that Pattaya is the top city for travelers, so the accommodation also vary. However, it is quite difficult for international guests to contact local travel agent. So they tend to use the internet booking service from international supplier. But for some one who may already have connection with local travel agent can get cheaper rate.

Also, the rate of hotel in Pattaya also very depends on the location, apart from the type of the hotel itself. If it is located on the beach side or the price may be has higher price than ones in the city. If you want to book your hotel through the website, just looking for the website that be able to provide full address and location map of the hotel so you can compare the price versus the location of the hotel.

Another thing that you have to be very careful when choosing resource for hotel booking, it is sometimes the rate of the booking website is not the same rate that the hotel actually charge you. For example, I had experience on booking online for USD150 per night but when I have arrived the hotel, I was told that the company have to pay 170 to the hotel, which is the contract rate for them and the hotel ask guest to pay for the company to be able to check out!!


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