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Tips For Booking Hotels In Pattaya

December 18, 2020, 0 comments

I have to admit that at present time, booking hotels through internet is one of the most popular ways. You can find hotel accommodation all over the world by only using your fingertip. Apart from that, booking hotel from hotel booking you can get very cheap rate because the competitive market itself. There are a lot of internet website that you can visit, and they are offering different accommodation rate.

However, booking hotel online for major cities is quite easy because it seems that all the website offers complete details of the accommodation such as location, facility, price and how to get to the hotel. Moreover, some website also gives price comparison for users to compare the prices between the same category fo the hotels or compare the prices of hotels in the same location. This is very useful for travelers who eant to plan effective and budget trip. Unfortunately, this could happen only to the major cities, where there are many of information resource available to users.

For some smaller cities but it is the famous tourist attraction, it is almost impossible to get such a abundant information when you use online hotel booking. From my own experience, I found that it is very painful to find information to compare and I finally miss very important information.

I would like to give example when I went to Pattaya. It is a very small city in Thailand, located on the east coast. Even though this place is small, but its reputation is greatly recognized, in terms of living city and tourist attraction. I went there last year to practice Muay thai (Thai boxing) at Fairtex gym.

Before I go, I looked for information all over internet resource for places to go and hotel accommodation. The gym actually have in-house accommodation for Muay Thai students but unfortunately it was full during the period I want to go, so I started to find out more about the accommodation near buy.

I finally got the cheap accommodation near by the gym by getting information from the internet. At the first stage, the website only provide me the name and the price of the accommodation with some pictures of the room. At that time, I have to admit that I really have no choice because the in-house accommodation of the gym is full. So I booked for that hotel from the internet.

When I arrived, it was quite disappoint when I saw the hotel, because it was quite far away from the gym, which I have to take taxi to the gym and this cost me a lot of money. Apart from that the hotel room is not exactly the same as I saw in the picture, but I have arrived, so it seemed too late for me to change anything.

This is a great lesson learnt from me that even though there are millions of online hotel booking websites, but they may provides complete details for hotels in major and popular cities, but for smaller ones, you have to ensure that you got enough information before you go.


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