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Had a Holiday Nightmare or Dream Vacation?

December 18, 2020, 0 comments

Does your holiday story just have to be told? Then head over to Travel Cubic Blog to get into the holiday spirit and give yourself the chance to win an impressive prize!

Everyone has a unique and memorable vacation experience. It could be a romantic trip with a loved one, a hilarious encounter with a strange culture, or even a bad experience that can serve as a warning to other travellers. Whatever it is, you can tell the rest of the world about your unique holiday experience and even get a chance of winning a one week vacation to wonderful Isla Margarita by heading over to Travel Cubic. Travel Cubic, a new consumer review website, launched a new competition beginning March 1 where visitors can win just by reviewing their holiday trips.

Participants to the competition must write a holiday review that will be published on Travel Cubic. The writer of each review will be automatically included in the competition where the prize draw is a one week vacation to Isla Margarita in exotic Venezuela. Participants to the competition can write about their holiday trip wherever they may have taken it, be it in a trip to Nepal or a luxurious vacation somewhere in the Bahamas.

Because more and more travellers are opting to organise holidays on their own they would usually travel with little knowledge about the countries – its culture, must-see places, nightspots, etc. the holiday habits of consumers are also evolving, as they try to out new holiday experiences, sun lovers are trying out winter vacations, while thrill seekers consider taking Activity Holidays.

Because of these developments, the Travel Cubic website has decided to compile as much information as possible to help consumers plan their holidays. The information visitors to the website can access include airline information and even reviews of car hire companies.

The main resource of Travel Cubic though are the reviews posted by visitors. What could be better than a first hand account of a visitor's travel holiday to a particular tourist spot, location, or country. Visitors can give a review of their entire stay, from the hotels they stayed in, restaurants they dined in, the tours they have joined. If you have been on so much as a day out in a theme park, then Travel Cubic wants to hear your thoughts about it. Sending a review will be a big help for other travellers who are looking for first-hand reviews and accounts on countries and other attractions that they would like to visit. And with Travel Cubic's new contest, your informative review could result in you getting another vacation in Isla Margarita.

Travel Cubic Director, Danny Wirken, encouraged online holidaymakers to get involved as he said, "Millions of travellers will be jetting off to sunnier climates over the next few months and we aim to give Travel Cubic users the chance to share their experiences of travelling abroad in order to provide consumers with as much accurate pre-holiday information as possible. We want consumers to exchange good and honest advice about their holiday experiences, which they may not always get from a travel agent or tour operator. We hope that by offering the prize of a one week vacation in Isla Margarita, it will encourage more users to join the debate and exchange ideas, information and experiences."


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