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Grand Canyon Tour Packages

December 18, 2020, 0 comments

The Grand Canyon is inarguably the most recognizable icon of the American landscape. How many rolls of film have been used in order to capture the absolute grandness of this natural wonder? How many glossy magazine covers were graced by its grandiose cliffs? To be sure, there's no counting exactly how many. We can only surmise.

However, no matter how many times you have seen it, whether on TV adverts, an IMAX film, or in travel magazines, the Grand Canyon will impress upon you just how certain things in this world are so beautiful that surely, surely they are not of this world.

But to reduce the Grand Canyon as a mere visual feast would be missing the point. Because a visit to the Eighth Wonder of the World is not only for visual pleasure but also to stir your adventuresome soul. Below are a few Grand Canyon tour packages that are sure to give you the best of both worlds:


With the help of Vacations Made Easy, RealAdventures.com brings you a Grand Canyon tour package that is sure to realize your dream vacation of thrills and excitement.

Your Grand Canyon adventure begins with a luxurious plane ride over the beautiful South Rim, landing at the Hualapi territory. From there, it's a helicopter flight over the Rim before descending to the bottom of the abyss where you can either relax, taking in the sights, or brave the mighty Colorado River onboard a pontoon boat.


The Grand Canyon Tour Company offers various Grand Canyon tour packages, whether you are looking for an overnight trip, a weekend escape, or a two-week vacation. Their Grand Canyon tour packages are selectively priced so you can choose to your heart's content. There are daily departures from Las Vegas either via airplane or deluxe motor coach.


Another tour company that offers great Grand Canyon tour packages is Canyon-Country.com. Packages include railroad trips, helicopter tours, hot air balloons, canyon country tours, ATV tours, jeep tours, and river rafting.

All tours take off from Williams, Arizona, not the Grand Canyon. Perhaps of all the Grand Canyon tour packages, the best one is the railroad trip, which provides you with a unique and plush mode of transportation to the Grand Canyon National Park.

Helicopter tours are good as well. Nothing can compare to a bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon. Moreover, most helicopter tours include a landing at the floor of the canyon, a rare privilege afforded only to helicopter tour guests.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more nature-centric, then check out Grand Canyon tour packages that include hiking and camping out. In the Grand Canyon, there are designated camping grounds with a variety of select camp sites.


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