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Florida Vacations – From Orlando To The Keys

December 17, 2020, 0 comments

The kids have finally broken you down and you've agreed on that family vacation getaway to Florida. They're excited. They want to go to Orlando, and you're fairly certain that if you hear one more thing about Goofy or Micky your head is going to explode. What's a poor mom or dad to do? While it's true that Disney World is one of the premier family vacation getaways in Florida, it is by no means the only fun place to be.

The Orlando/Kissimmee area boasts a plentiful array of family vacation getaways. In fact, Kissimmee can be considered the laid-back, historic alternative to Orlando. Residents of Kissimmee have gone to great lengths to keep the hometown charm that the area is noted for. While there are some water parks and resorts, attractions such as Old Town, rodeos, horseback riding and a petting farm make it a wonderful family vacation getaway.

Other towns in the area which are ideal family vacation getaways include: Mount Dora, perfect for biking trips; Polk City, for the family of aircraft enthusiasts; and Sanford, home of the Central Florida Zoological Park.

Further south lies Palm Beach County. Yes, that's right; I did say Palm Beach. I know what you're thinking. 'Palm Beach' and 'family vacation getaways' don't go hand in hand. That's where you're wrong. You just have to know where to look. West Palm Beach is perfect for that family vacation getaway, thanks to destinations such as the Norton Museum of Art and the Lion Country Safari, where visitors can see lions, giraffes, and a host of other animals, running free.

As you travel further north, you can give your kids the perfect opportunity to use their family vacation getaway to learn about the environment, by visiting the Loggerhead Park and The Marine Life Center in Juno. Here they can be taught about turtles and go on turtle walks.

We're not done yet. Welcome to the Florida Keys, the perfect destination for putting a little more excitement in your family vacation getaway. Certainly I wouldn't suggest you take your children diving, unless they're accustomed to that sort of thing, but you can definitely visit Islamorada. They'll love their family vacation getaway when they get to interact one-on-one with dolphins and sea lions. You'll also have the chance to feed the giant tarpon that gather around the docks. Now how many people can say they had a chance to do that on their family vacation getaway? So you see? Disney World isn't the only option for your family vacation getaway.


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