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Nuweiba Holidays Egypt

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Nuweiba is a remarkably beautiful Egyptian beach resort situated on the eastern coast of Sinai Peninsula between Dahab and Taba. It stretches for 7 km along the Red Sea coastline with the backdrop of steep, stunning mountains. This perfect relaxing getaway is only an hour away from Taba airport or about three hours away from Sharm-El-Sheikh airport.

Nuweiba comprises of three areas, each with its own character.
Nuweiba Tarabin, the northern part, has a shallow bay and a lovely beach; however, being home to Bedonin tribe, has been developed only modestly. There is a thick palm grove and the ruins of a Turkish fort of 16th century. Along the beach there are enchanting Bedouin style restaurants furnished in with carpets and cushions offering traditional cuisine. The crowd of restaurants and bazaars here creates impression of a colorful oriental market place.
To the south of Tarabin lies the Nuweiba City. It has tourist shops, supermarket and bazaars. Traditionally it has served the purpose of keeping the Tarabin tribe in north and the Muzeina tribe in the south apart. .
To the south lies Nuweiba Muzeina, a very busy industrial area. It is situated at the foot of steep mountains and on the shore of the bay. This is a port and a luxurious oasis. Nuweiba Muzeina's magnificent beaches and coral reefs are very popular, and the bay is lined with many resorts and tourist villages. Ferry service to Aqaba on the Jordan coast is available every day.

Nuweiba is known for the spectacular mountains that exhibit a whole range of colors from golden yellow to deep purple the depths and its beaches. Nuweiba is a popular choice for an unusual Red Sea holiday among travelers.

The Red Sea at Nuweiba is clean and clear and is rich in marine life. It offers a range of underwater seascapes which are the main attraction in Nuweiba. Diving and snorkeling are very popular sports here. The Reefs create interesting locations for snorkeling. Many diving sites such as Devil's Head, Burka and Maagana are available. Aquatic Paradise is particularly recommended for keen snorkelers and divers.

The mountains surrounding Nuweiba are ideal for hiking, trekking and exploration. Trekking either by camel or jeep through the Coastline Mountains or into the Sinai Desert and the Dunes can be quite exciting.

There are many interesting places nearby such as Ain-el-Furtaga, St. Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai, etc. which can be reached by short excursions.

There is a disco in Nuweiba city, which serves alcohol. You can enjoy good British as well as authentic Middle-eastern cuisines. The resort has numerous shops offering Egyptian goods. There's plenty of duty-free shopping in Nuweiba's port area. However, Nuweiba is more popular for its clear starry skies and guaranteed sunshine than its nightlife.

There are many good hotels in Nuweiba. Coral Hilton Resort, located in one of the Sinai Desert's oases, provides luxurious accommodation and excellent facilities for the guests. Bars and restaurants offer multiple cuisines with a different theme each night. The Hotel has its own private sandy beach. After a dip in the Red Sea, you can unwind in a hammock on the private sandy beach, sunbathe by the pool. Many activities such as water-sports, snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea are available. Golf, Squash and Tennis, Billiards, Table Tennis Beach Volleyball, Croquet Court are on the premises.


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