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Greece Travel Destination Guide

December 18, 2020, 0 comments

If you want to find the right places to travel in Greece, you have a variety of choices. Below are just a few that could serve as a guide for your traveling pleasure.

As a Greece travel destination this boasts of popular monuments as the temple of Zeus, and the Stadium. This is where the very first ever Olympic Games started. Tradition was to hold the games every four years, and this was in honor of the god, Zeus. The Gymnasium can also be found here. It is a rectangular building with a big yard where the athletes trained for their events. Then there is the Leonidaion, which was then a guesthouse during those times. This was where the important guests stayed during their visit to Olympia.

This Greece travel destination is considered to be one of Greece's significant cultural treasures. The temple of Apollo and the Castalian Spring are located here. In Greek mythology, this Greece travel destination was considered to be the center of the world or the "Navel of the Earth" as it was commonly called. Myth has it that this is where Apollo killed the she-dragon Pytho. Make sure to give more time to your visit here.

The view of this Greece travel destination is really a must see. A fortress, a palace, the Royal Tombs, as well as the tomb of their hero, Agamemnon can be seen here.

The monasteries, which prove to be popular for this Greece travel destination, were set up during the Byzantine period. The first hermits settled in this place at around the 11th century. The most wonderful site to behold is the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron. It is the biggest of the monasteries here. Also the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas, built in the 16th century with a small dome is also worth your time to see.

This place is located at the foot of Mount Olympus. Known for having been completely destroyed due to an earthquake in the 5th century AD. It was in 1928 that the site was unearthed, which resulted in the discovery of public buildings, shops, statues, and a large theatre. Visiting this famous Greece travel destination, and you will feel being transported back to their historic past.

Definitely, a personal visit to these Greece travel destinations will prove to be worth all your time and money. Being on these historic places, where Greek mythology is founded upon, one can't help but marvel upon the mysteries these places possess.


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